Nature Wells Gray

A Visitor’s Guide to the Park


1989 was the 50th anniversary year of Wells Gray’s creation as a park. It was also the year we brought out our popular guide book to the geology and natural history of the Clearwater Valley. Nature Wells Gray book soon sold out, and in 1995 we published it again in a second, expanded edition. Now that edition is also out of print.

Every summer we get dozens of requests for a third edition of our book. And much as we’d like to oblige, so far it’s no go: we simply haven’t found the time we’d need to make it happen.

Until we do, here are some links to our own favourite front-country destinations. There are activities enough here for several days of looking around.

Printing these out and stapling them together gets you your very own “mini-guide” to Wells Gray’s geology and natural history!

We hope you enjoy it.

Hemp Creek Canyonlands
Helmcken Falls-Pyramid Mountain
Ray Farm-Bailey’s Chutes
Spahats Falls-Trophy Mountains

These texts have been extracted, without update, from the 2nd edition of Nature Wells Gray: A Visitors’ Guide to the Park, by Trevor Goward & Cathie Hickson © 1995. Notes appearing on the first page of each text brings the accounts substantially up to date.