Wells Gray Nature Calendar

January -early: the ski trails are now ready and waiting
  -mid: Moose watching begins on the west slopes of Green Mountain
  -late: watch the rivers for green bottom ice
February -early: come view the Helmcken Falls Ice Cone
  -mid: join in the Wells Gray Birch Leg
  -late: the Barred and Great Horned Owls now begin to give a hoot in the valley
March -early: ski off-trail on firm but friendly snow
  -mid: listen at night for Wolf music
  -late: lowland skiing ends, but not mountain skiing
April -early: the Hemp Canyonlands hiking trails now await you
  -mid: binocular alert: rare birds passing through in migration
  -late: Ruffed Grouse adrumming
May -early: in the valley, the trees are now burgeoning green
  -mid: drive or hike wherever you like
  -late: Black Bears nibble road edge greens
June -early: the campgrounds now officially open
  -mid: Helmcken Falls: a thousand, thousand parachutes opening
  -late: Trophy Mountain Meaows: a host of golden Glacicer Lilies
July -early: the hills are alive with the sound of bird song
  -mid: mosquitoes now begin to die off at valley elevations (most years)
  -late: Trophy Meadows: a wildflower bouquet
August -early: listen at night for small birds winging south
  -mid: many small shrubs now wear their autumn dress
  -late: scan the mountain ridges for migrating raptors
Septemeber -early: Bailey’s Chute is jumping with Chinook Salmon
  -mid: mushrooms are popping up all over (most years)
  -late: Murtle Lake culminates in its annual festival of loons
October -early: hike the Hemp Canyonlands for local colour
  -mid: hike the high points for autumn snow
  -late: Varying Hares vary to white
November -early: shallow snow makes wildlife following easy
  -mid: Wells Gray is now dressed all in white (most years)
  -late: the Black Bears and Grizzly are now sound asleep
December -early: bull moose and deer are shedding their antlers
  -mid: heads up on clear nights for meteor showers and northern lights
  -late: deepening snow drives moose, deer, and predators south to the Three Canyons