Harkayee Treasure Hunt

Everyone dreams of treasure – golden idols and chests of jewels and such – and this summer there’s treasure to be had in Wells Gray Park.

The Harkayee Adventure Hunt got off the ground in 2013 with a cash prize of $1000. Many took up the challenge but the hidden skull remains hidden.

Last year the prize money doubled to $2000, thanks to former Thompson-Nicola Regional District Director Tim Pennell.

The best thing about the Harkayee Adventure Hunt is that there’s no entry fee; it’s free. To win, all you need do is hike around, solve the clues, and send us your correct answer.

To take part, simply link here – and read all about it. But beware: Harkayee is definitely not for the faint of heart!

This Million Dollar View just north of Spahats Creek peers north into the wilderness experience that is Wells Gray Park. Enjoy this vista while it lasts.

Copyright ©2015 by Trevor Goward and Jason Hollinger