Macrolichens of British Columbia

Checklist and Conservation Ranks*

Trevor Goward & Curtis Björk
Enlichened Consulting Ltd.
June 2010

* in cooperation with the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre

The following checklist of British Columbia macrolichens (and some mesolichens!) was generated in concert with the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre ( It is based on data provided to the CDC by Curtis Björk and Trevor Goward early in 2010. More information on conservation rankings of lichens and other organisms is available at the CDC website. NatureServe, the umbrella organization for North America’s Conservation Data Centres and Natural Heritage Programs, also gives species rankings for some lichens.

Several additional macrolichen species are known to occur in the province, but have not been ranked pending documentation in the literature. We have ranked most epiphytic mesolichens, but most rock- or ground-dwelling mesolichens await ranking. Pin lichens and crustose species also have not yet received ranking. Once more is learned about the distributions, abundances and endangerment status of these species, we will be in a better position to rank them.

S ranks (subnational ranks, in this case ranks for B.C., province-wide) are on a 1-5 scale, using an index of rarity and vulnerability, 1 being the most and 5 being the least rare/vulnerable. The ranks were calculated using an algorithm employing various factors of rarity, distribution, demonstrable threats to habitats, and vulnerability to environmental change. In many cases, the ranks were adjusted given unique factors of vulnerability or rarity not recognized by the algorithm. Uncertainty about some factors lead to a rank range for many species (e.g., S2S3). Species having ranks of S1, S2, S1S2, S1S3, SX and SH are given Red List status. Those having ranks of S3, S2S3 or S2S4 are given Blue List status.

Red List species are considered endangered, threatened or extirpated by the B.C. CDC. Those given Blue List status are considered to be of special concern. The Yellow List species are not currently thought to be of conservation concern.

Download checklist here: bc_macrolichens.xls (88 Kb)

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | P | R | S | T | U | V | X | Z
Acroscyphus sphaerophoroides Mountain Crab Eye S1 Red
Agrestia hispida Desert Vagabond S1S2 Red
Ahtiana pallidula Twig Bishop S4 Yellow
Ahtiana sphaerosporella Mountain Candlewax S2S3 Blue
Alectoria imshaugii Spiny Witch’s Hair S3? Blue
Alectoria ochroleuca Two-toned Witch’s Hair S4 Yellow
Alectoria sarmentosa ssp. sarmentosa Familiar Witch’s Hair S5 Yellow
Alectoria sarmentosa ssp. vexillifera Strapping Witch’s Hair S3 Blue
Alectoria vancouverensis Vancouver Witch’s Hair S4 Yellow
Allantoparmelia almquistii Lesser Rock Grub S3 Blue
Allantoparmelia alpicola Greater Rock Grub S4 Yellow
Allocetraria madreporiformis V-fingers S1 Red
Anaptychia crinalis Electrified Millepede S2 Red
Anaptychia elbursiana Wiskered Millepede S1 Red
Anaptychia ulotrichoides Amputated Millepede S2S3 Blue
Arctoparmelia centrifuga Rippled Ring S4S5 Yellow
Arctoparmelia incurva Finger Ring S2S3 Blue
Arctoparmelia separata Arctic Ring S3 Blue
Arctoparmelia subcentrifuga Abrading Ring S3 Blue
Asahinea scholanderi Silver Hankie S2 Red
Baeomyces carneus Scale Beret S1 Red
Baeomyces placophyllus Carpet Beret S1 Red
Baeomyces rufus Crust Beret S5 Yellow
Brodoa oroarctica Mountain Diamondback S4S5 Yellow
Bryocaulon divergens Arctic Pretzel S4 Yellow
Bryocaulon pseudosatoanum Pacific Pretzel S3 Blue
Bryoria bicolor Electrified Horsetail S4 Yellow
Bryoria capillaris Gray Horsehair S5 Yellow
Bryoria carlottae Languid Horsehair S2S3 Blue
Bryoria cervinula Spiny Horsehair S2S3 Blue
Bryoria chalybeiformis Resplendent Horsehair SU Unknown
Bryoria fremontii Edible Horsehair S5 Yellow
Bryoria friabilis Friable Horsehair S3S4 Yellow
Bryoria fuscescens Pale-footed Horsehair S5 Yellow
Bryoria glabra Wire Horsehair S4S5 Yellow
Bryoria implexa Boreal Horsehair S4 Yellow
Bryoria lanestris Woolly Horsehair S5 Yellow
Bryoria nadvornikiana Blonde Horsehair S1 Red
Bryoria nitidula Tundra Horsehair S2S3 Blue
Bryoria pikei Streaked Horsehair S2 Red
Bryoria pseudofuscescens Mountain Horsehair S5 Yellow
Bryoria simplicior Spangled Horsehair S4 Yellow
Bryoria subcana Seaside Horsehair S1S2 Red
Bryoria tenuis Pied Horsehair S3S4 Yellow
Bryoria tortuosa Inedible Horsehair S3S4 Yellow
Bryoria trichodes ssp. americana Elegant Horsehair S4S5 Yellow
Bryoria trichodes ssp. trichodes Inelegant Horsehair S3 Blue
Bunodophoron melanocarpum Northern Fan-coral S4 Yellow
Caloplaca trachyphylla Banged-up Firedot S4 Yellow
Caloplaca verruculifera Warty Firedot SU Unknown
Candelaria concolor Elfin Candleflame S4? Yellow
Catolechia wahlenbergii Tundra Lemon S1 Red
Cavernularia hultenii Powdered Honeycomb S4S5 Yellow
Cavernularia lophyrea Eyed Honeycomb S4 Yellow
Cetraria delisei Frangible Icelandmoss S3 Blue
Cetraria ericetorum ssp. reticulata Hyphenated Icelandmoss S5 Yellow
Cetraria islandica ssp. crispiformis Upstanding Icelandmoss S5 Yellow
Cetraria islandica ssp. islandica Speckled Icelandmoss S5 Yellow
Cetraria laevigata Pin-striped Icelandmoss S4 Yellow
Cetraria nigricans Ciliated Icelandmoss S3 Blue
Cetraria sepincola Eyed Chestnut S4S5 Yellow
Cetraria subalpina Huckleberry Icelandmoss S4S5 Yellow
Cetrelia cetrarioides Downside Seastorm S4 Yellow
Cladina arbuscula ssp. beringiana Mesomorphic Reindeer S5 Yellow
Cladina ciliata Least Reindeer S2S3 Blue
Cladina mitis Ectomorphic Reindeer S5 Yellow
Cladina portentosa Maritime Reindeer S5 Yellow
Cladina rangiferina Gray Reindeer S5 Yellow
Cladina stellaris Star-nosed Reindeer S5 Yellow
Cladina stygia Black-footed Reindeer S4 Yellow
Cladonia acuminata Scantily Clad Pixie S3S4 Yellow
Cladonia albonigra Black-foot Pixie-cup S4 Yellow
Cladonia amaurocraea Quill Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia asahinae Asahina’s Pixie-cup S4 Yellow
Cladonia bacilliformis Yellowhorn Pixie S3S4 Yellow
Cladonia bellidiflora Floral Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia borealis Boreal Pixie-cup S5 Yellow
Cladonia botrytes Stump Soldiers S4 Yellow
Cladonia cariosa Lesser Ribbed Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia carneola Royal Pixie-cup S5 Yellow
Cladonia cenotea Singing Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia cervicornis ssp. verticillata Pagoda Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia chlorophaea Granulating Pixie-cup S5 Yellow
Cladonia coccifera Madame Pixie S1 Red
Cladonia concinna High-rise Pixie S2 Red
Cladonia coniocraea Mama Littlehorn Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia cornuta ssp. cornuta Bighorn Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia cornuta ssp. groenlandica Biggerhorn Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia crispata var. cetrariiformis Lesser Organpipe Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia crispata var. crispata Greater Organpipe Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia cyanipes Blue-footed Pixie S2S4 Blue
Cladonia decorticata Strip-tease Pixie S2S3 Blue
Cladonia deformis Medium Hot Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia digitata Gesturing Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia dimorpha Troubled Pixie-cup SH Red
Cladonia ecmocyna ssp. intermedia Orange-footed Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia ecmocyna ssp. occidentalis Sinuous Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia fimbriata Trumpeting Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia furcata Forking Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia gracilis ssp. elongata Gumboot Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia gracilis ssp. turbinata Bronzed Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia gracilis ssp. vulnerata Wounded Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia grayi Gray’s Pixie-cup S1 Red
Cladonia homosekikaica Homosekikaic Pixie-cup S1 Red
Cladonia imbricarica Imbricaric Pixie-cup S1 Red
Cladonia kanewskii Kanewski’s Pixie S3S4 Yellow
Cladonia luteoalba Lemon Pixie S2S3 Blue
Cladonia macilenta Lipstick Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia macroceras Bullet-proof Pixie S2S3 Blue
Cladonia macrophylla Fig-leaf Pixie S2 Red
Cladonia macrophyllodes Low-rise Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia merochlorophaea Gritty Pixie-cup S3S4 Yellow
Cladonia metacorallifera Reptilian Pixie-cup S4 Yellow
Cladonia multiformis Shape-shifting Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia norvegica Baby Littlehorn Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia novochlorophaea Novochlorophaeic Pixie-cup S1 Red
Cladonia ochrochlora Papa Littlehorn Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia parasitica Fence-rail Pixie S1S2 Red
Cladonia phyllophora Greater Pied Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia pleurota Mind-altering Pixie-cup S5 Yellow
Cladonia pocillum Rosetted Pixie-cup S4 Yellow
Cladonia prolifica Phantom Pixie-cup S1S2 Red
Cladonia pseudalcicornis Big-foot Pixie S2S3 Blue
Cladonia pyxidata Pebbled Pixie-cup S5 Yellow
Cladonia rei Starving Pixie S3S4 Yellow
Cladonia scabriuscula Card-carrying Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia singularis Wax Candle Pixe S3 Blue
Cladonia squamosa Dragon Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia stricta Lesser Pied Pixie S4S5 Yellow
Cladonia subfurcata Rosegarden Pixie S2S3 Blue
Cladonia subulata Antlered Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia sulphurina Extra Hot Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia symphycarpia Greater Ribbed Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia transcendens Graduated Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia trassii Arctic Pied Pixie S3 Blue
Cladonia umbricola Imponderable Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia uncialis Thorn Pixie S5 Yellow
Cladonia verruculosa Nitty-gritty Pixie S4 Yellow
Cladonia wainioi Reindeer Pixie S4 Yellow
Coelocaulon aculeatum Spiny Heath S5 Yellow
Coelocaulon muricatum Dubious Heath S3? Blue
Collema auriforme Eared Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema bachmanianum Caesar’s Tarpaper S2 Red
Collema callopismum var. rhyparodes Granular Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema ceraniscum Pincushion Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema coccophorum Kerneled Tarpaper S4 Yellow
Collema coniophilum Crumpled Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema crispum Ten-cent Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema cristatum var. marginale Fingered Tarpaper S2 Red
Collema fecundum Seaside Tarpaper S3 Blue
Collema flaccidum Flaking Tarpaper S1 Red
Collema furfuraceum var. furfuraceum Effervescent Tarpaper S3S4 Yellow
Collema furfuraceum var. luzonense Pacific Tarpaper S2S3 Blue
Collema fuscovirens Cellulitic Tarpaper S4 Yellow
Collema glebulentum Waterside Tarpaper S2S3 Blue
Collema multipartitum Protracted Tarpaper S2 Red
Collema nigrescens Double-bubble Tarpaper S4 Yellow
Collema polycarpon Gilled Tarpaper S2 Red
Collema subflaccidum Wilted Tarpaper S4 Yellow
Collema subparvum Petalled Tarpaper S1S2 Red
Collema tenax var. corallinum Tarred Tarpaper SU Unknown
Collema tenax var. crustaceum Tarred Tarpaper SU Unknown
Collema tenax var. tenax Tarred Tarpaper SU Unknown
Collema undulatum var. granulosum Mourning Tarpaper S3S4 Yellow
Cornicularia normoerica Mountain Bootstrap S4 Yellow
Cystocoleus ebeneus Rockgossamer S4 Yellow
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | P | R | S | T | U | V | X | Z
Dactylina arctica ssp. arctica Arctic Butterfingers S4 Yellow
Dactylina arctica ssp. beringica Pacific Butterfingers S4 Yellow
Dactylina ramulosa Frost Fingers S4 Yellow
Dendriscocaulon amplissimum Baby Brier S1 Red
Dendriscocaulon oroboreale Papa Brier S2S3 Blue
Dendriscocaulon wrightii Mama Brier S2S3 Blue
Dermatocarpon atrogranulosum Charred Stippleback S1 Red
Dermatocarpon intestiniforme Quilted Stippleback SU Unknown
Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes Jigsaw Stippleback S2S4 Blue
Dermatocarpon miniatum Blushing Stippleback S4 Yellow
Dermatocarpon moulinsii Shag-belly Stippleback S1 Red
Dermatocarpon reticulatum Sandpaper Stippleback S4S5 Yellow
Dermatocarpon rivulorum Cold-water Stippleback S4 Yellow
Dibaeis baeomyces Pink Turbans S1 Red
Endocarpon pulvinatum Clustered Rockstipple S3S4 Yellow
Endocarpon pusillum Soil Stipplescale S4 Yellow
Ephebe hispidula Dryside Rockshag S3S4 Yellow
Ephebe lanata Waterside Rockshag S4 Yellow
Erioderma sorediatum Vole Felt S2S3 Blue
Esslingeriana idahoensis Tinted Tatter S4S5 Yellow
Euopsis pulvinata Greater Rockbud SU Unknown
Evernia divaricata Mountain Oakmoss S2S3 Blue
Evernia mesomorpha Boreal Oakmoss S4 Yellow
Evernia perfragilis Arctic Oakmoss S1 Red
Evernia prunastri Valley Oakmoss S4S5 Yellow
Flavocetraria cucullata Whirling Dervish S5 Yellow
Flavocetraria nivalis Ballroom Dervish S5 Yellow
Flavopunctelia flaventior Speckled Mantle S1S2 Red
Fulgensia bracteata Goldnugget Sulphur S3? Blue
Fulgensia desertorum Desert Sulphur S1S2 Red
Fuscopannaria ahlneri Corrugated Crackers S2S3 Blue
Fuscopannaria aurita Eared Crackers S2S3 Blue
Fuscopannaria confusa Crumpled Crackers S1S3 Red
Fuscopannaria coralloidea Coral Crackers S1 Red
Fuscopannaria crustacea Encrusting Crackers S1 Red
Fuscopannaria cyanolepra Disintegrating Crackers S3S4 Yellow
Fuscopannaria incisa Nibbled Crackers S1S2 Red
Fuscopannaria laceratula Ramshackle Crackers S4 Yellow
Fuscopannaria leucophaea Stippled Crackers SU Unknown
Fuscopannaria leucostictoides Frosted Crackers S3 Blue
Fuscopannaria maritima Seaside Crackers S4 Yellow
Fuscopannaria mediterranea Midnight Crackers S3S4 Yellow
Fuscopannaria pacifica Silver-rimmed Crackers S2S3 Blue
Fuscopannaria praetermissa Thumbs-up Crackers S4 Yellow
Fuscopannaria ramulina Antler Crackers S2S3 Blue
Glypholecia scabra Desert Rockscab S1 Red
Gowardia nigricans Gray Witch’s Beard S4 Yellow
Heppia lutosa Soil Rubies S1S3 Red
Heterodermia leucomelos Elegant Centipede S2S3 Blue
Heterodermia sitchensis Seaside Centipede S1 Red
Heterodermia speciosa Smiling Centipede S1 Red
Hydrothyria venosa Fan Pelt S1S2 Red
Hypogymnia apinnata Beaded Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia austerodes Rejuvenating Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia bitteri Dissolving Bone S3S4 Yellow
Hypogymnia canadensis Canuckle Bone S3 Blue
Hypogymnia duplicata Tickertape Bone S3S4 Yellow
Hypogymnia enteromorpha Inflatable Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia farinacea Fastidious Bone SU Unknown
Hypogymnia heterophylla Seaside Bone S2 Red
Hypogymnia imshaugii Forking Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia inactiva Wish Bone S4 Yellow
Hypogymnia occidentalis Budding Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia oceanica Rain Bone S4 Yellow
Hypogymnia physodes Monk’s Hood S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia recurva Recoiling Bone S1S3 Red
Hypogymnia rugosa Wrinkled Bone S4S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia subobscura Viviparous Bone S3 Blue
Hypogymnia tubulosa Dog Bone S5 Yellow
Hypogymnia vittata Umber Monk’s Hood S3S4 Yellow
Hypogymnia wilfiana Deflated Bone S5 Yellow
Hypotrachyna revoluta Granulating Loop S2S3 Blue
Hypotrachyna sinuosa Green Loop S4 Yellow
Imshaugia aleurites Salted Badge S4 Yellow
Kaernefeltia californica Seaside Thornbush S3 Blue
Kaernefeltia merrillii Flattened Thornbush S5 Yellow
Koerberia sonomensis California Brownette S3 Blue
Lasallia pensylvanica Black-bellied Toadskin S3 Blue
Leciophysma finmarkicum Boreal Onyx SU Unknown
Leciophysma furfurascens Crushed Onyx SU Unknown
Leioderma sorediatum Felted Elf S2S3 Blue
Lempholemma intricatum Integrate Charstick S1S2 Red
Lempholemma polyanthes Mourning Phlegm S2S3 Blue
Lempholemma radiatum Radiant Charstick S1 Red
Leptochidium albociliatum Whiskered Codger S3S4 Yellow
Leptogium brebissonii Jujube Vinyl S2S3 Blue
Leptogium burnetiae Moonlit Vinyl S4 Yellow
Leptogium californicum Midlife Vinyl S2S3 Blue
Leptogium cyanescens Blue-blue Vinyl S1 Red
Leptogium gelatinosum Rose-petalled Vinyl S4S5 Yellow
Leptogium imbricatum Roofer’s Vinyl SU Unknown
Leptogium intermedium Fourty-five Vinyl S2S3 Blue
Leptogium lichenoides Tattered Vinyl S5 Yellow
Leptogium palmatum Antlered Vinyl S5 Yellow
Leptogium platynum Batwing Vinyl S1S2 Red
Leptogium plicatile Starfish Vinyl S3? Blue
Leptogium polycarpum Peacock Vinyl S1S2 Red
Leptogium pseudofurfuraceum Concentric Vinyl S2S3 Blue
Leptogium saturninum Midnight Vinyl S5 Yellow
Leptogium schraderi Collapsing Vinyl S1 Red
Leptogium subaridum Rancher’s Vinyl S3 Blue
Leptogium subtile Evil-eye Vinyl SU Unknown
Leptogium tenuissimum Birdnest Vinyl S2? Red
Leptogium teretiusculum Beaded Vinyl S4 Yellow
Letharia columbiana Brown-eyed Wolf S3? Blue
Letharia lupina Mountain Wolf S5 Yellow
Letharia vulpina Valley Wolf S5 Yellow
Lichinella stipatula Shrubby Rockcushion SU Unknown
Lichinodium ahlneri Crushed Velvet SU Unknown
Lichinodium canadense Oldgrowth Velvet S2S3 Blue
Lichinodium sirosiphoideum Paraistic Velvet SU Unknown
Lobaria hallii Veined Lung S4 Yellow
Lobaria linita Cabbage Lung S5 Yellow
Lobaria oregana Lettuce Lung S3 Blue
Lobaria pulmonaria Lungwort S5 Yellow
Lobaria retigera Smoker’s Lung S3 Blue
Lobaria scrobiculata Textured Lung S4 Yellow
Lobaria silvae-veteris Oldgrowth Lung S1 Red
Lobothallia alphoplaca Oopsy Daisy S4 Yellow
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | P | R | S | T | U | V | X | Z
Masonhalea richardsonii Arctic Tumbleweed S3 Blue
Massalongia carnosa Moss Liver S4 Yellow
Massalongia microphylliza Chopped Liver S2 Red
Melanelia agnata Studded Leather S3 Blue
Melanelia commixta Brown-bellied Rockleather S4 Yellow
Melanelia disjuncta Nebulous Camouflage S4 Yellow
Melanelia hepatizon Rimmed Rockleather S4S5 Yellow
Melanelia panniformis Overlapping Camouflage S5 Yellow
Melanelia sorediata Star-studded Rockleather S5 Yellow
Melanelia stygia Durable Rockleather S4 Yellow
Melanelia tominii Dimpled Rockleather S4 Yellow
Melanelixia fuliginosa Polished Camouflage S4 Yellow
Melanelixia subargentifera Whiskered Camouflage S5 Yellow
Melanelixia subaurifera Abrading Camouflage S5 Yellow
Melanohalea elegantula Progressive Camouflage S4S5 Yellow
Melanohalea exasperatula Lustrous Camouflage S5 Yellow
Melanohalea infumata Townhall Camouflage S3S4 Yellow
Melanohalea multispora Wide-eyed Camouflage S5 Yellow
Melanohalea olivaceoides Granulating Camouflage S2 Red
Melanohalea septentrionalis Northern Camouflage S4 Yellow
Melanohalea subelegantula Deadman’s Camouflage S4S5 Yellow
Melanohalea subolivacea Blinking Camouflage S4 Yellow
Melanohalea trabeculata Baby Camouflage S4 Yellow
Menegazzia subsimilis Tragic Flute S4 Yellow
Menegazzia terebrata Magic Flute S4 Yellow
Neofuscelia loxodes Blistered Toad S2S3 Blue
Neofuscelia subhosseana Erupting Toad S2S3 Blue
Neofuscelia verruculifera Carbuncular Toad S1 Red
Nephroma arcticum Greenlight S4S5 Yellow
Nephroma bellum Cat Paw S5 Yellow
Nephroma expallidum Purple Paw S3S4 Yellow
Nephroma helveticum ssp. helveticum Bear Paw S3 Blue
Nephroma helveticum ssp. sipeanum Dog Paw S5 Yellow
Nephroma isidiosum Pebbled Paw S3 Blue
Nephroma laevigatum Mustard Paw S3S4 Yellow
Nephroma occultum Cryptic Paw S2S3 Blue
Nephroma parile Powdered Paw S5 Yellow
Nephroma resupinatum Pimpled Paw S4 Yellow
Niebla cephalota Northern Seafog S1 Red
Nodobryoria abbreviata Goodlooking Readhead S4 Yellow
Nodobryoria oregana Mountain Readhead S4 Yellow
Nodobryoria subdivergens Alpine Readhead S2S3 Blue
Pannaria rubiginella Inconsiderable Gingerbread S3 Blue
Pannaria rubiginosa Considerable Gingerbread S2 Red
Parmelia fraudans Pea-green Crottle S4 Yellow
Parmelia hygrophila Granulating Crottle S5 Yellow
Parmelia omphalodes ssp. omphalodes Smoker’s Crottle S4 Yellow
Parmelia pseudosulcata Cutting-edge Crottle S3S4 Yellow
Parmelia saxatilis Pebbled Crottle S5 Yellow
Parmelia skultii Silver-rimmed Crottle S1 Red
Parmelia squarrosa Bottlebrush Crottle S3S4 Yellow
Parmelia sulcata Hammered Crottle S5 Yellow
Parmeliella parvula Poor-man’s Crisps S2S3 Blue
Parmeliella triptophylla Home-coming Crisps S4 Yellow
Parmeliopsis ambigua Green Starburst S5 Yellow
Parmeliopsis hyperopta Grey Starburst S5 Yellow
Parmotrema arnoldii King Ruffle S4 Yellow
Parmotrema crinitum Snuff Ruffle S3 Blue
Parmotrema perlatum Queen Ruffle S3 Blue
Peltigera aphthosa Silver-edge Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera britannica Deciduous Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera canina Felt Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera castanea Chestnut Pelt S1 Red
Peltigera chionophila Snow Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera cinnamomea Cinnamon Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera collina Tree Pelt S4S5 Yellow
Peltigera degenii Lustrous Pelt S2 Red
Peltigera didactyla Temporary Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera elisabethae Concentric Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera evansiana Peppered Pelt S2 Red
Peltigera extenuata Sheepish Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera horizontalis Dimpled Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera hymenina Nebulous Pelt S2 Red
Peltigera kristinssonii Pied Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera lepidophora Mothwing Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera leucophlebia Ruffled Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera malacea Apple Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera membranacea Diamond Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera neckeri Black-saddle Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera neopolydactyla Undulating Pelt S4S5 Yellow
Peltigera occidentalis Bog Pelt S3S4 Yellow
Peltigera pacifica Fringed Pelt S3S4 Yellow
Peltigera polydactylon Pioneer Pelt S4S5 Yellow
Peltigera ponojensis Pale-belled Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera praetextata Born-again Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera retifoveata Sponge Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera rufescens Black-bellied Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltigera scabrosa Greater Toad Pelt S4 Yellow
Peltigera venosa Lesser Toad Pelt S5 Yellow
Peltula euploca Powder-lined Rock-olive S1S2 Red
Phaeophyscia adiastola Granulating Shadow S1 Red
Phaeophyscia ciliata Greater Eye Shadow S2S3 Blue
Phaeophyscia constipata Upstanding Shadow S3S4 Yellow
Phaeophyscia decolor Lesser Eye Shadow S2S3 Blue
Phaeophyscia hirsuta Smiling Shadow S2 Red
Phaeophyscia hispidula Whiskered Shadow S2 Red
Phaeophyscia kairamoi Five O’clock Shadow S3 Blue
Phaeophyscia nigricans Least Shadow S1 Red
Phaeophyscia orbicularis Powder-headed Shadow S4 Yellow
Phaeophyscia sciastra Midnight Shadow S4S5 Yellow
Phylliscum demangeonii Little Naugehyde S3S4 Yellow
Physcia adscendens Hooded Rosette S5 Yellow
Physcia alnophila Outward-looking Rosette S5 Yellow
Physcia biziana Frosted Rosette S3 Blue
Physcia caesia Blue-headed Rosette S4 Yellow
Physcia dimidiata Exuberant Rosette S2? Red
Physcia dubia Grinning Rosette S3 Blue
Physcia phaea Black-eyed Rosette S3S4 Yellow
Physcia stellaris Immaculate Rosette S3 Blue
Physcia tenella Hoodless Rosette S4S5 Yellow
Physcia tribacia Beaded Rosette S1S2 Red
Physciella chloantha Downside Shade S3 Blue
Physconia americana Petalled Frost S3S4 Yellow
Physconia detersa Bottlebrush Frost SU Unknown
Physconia enteroxantha Gilded Frost S4S5 Yellow
Physconia muscigena Ground Frost S5 Yellow
Physconia perisidiosa Smirking Frost S4 Yellow
Pilophorus acicularis Devil’s Matchstick S5 Yellow
Pilophorus cereolus Powdered Matchstick S3S4 Yellow
Pilophorus clavatus Enchanter’s Matchstick S4 Yellow
Pilophorus dovrensis Crusty Matchstick SU Unknown
Pilophorus nigricaulis Charred Matchstick S3S4 Yellow
Pilophorus robustus Octopus’ Matchstick S1 Red
Pilophorus vegae Headless Matchstick S1 Red
Placynthium asperellum Sandpaper Ink S3? Blue
Placynthium flabellosum Radiant Ink SU Unknown
Placynthium nigrum var. nigrum Quilted Ink S4S5 Yellow
Placynthium stenophyllum var. isidiatum Sepia Ink S3 Blue
Placynthium subradiatum Faded Ink SU Unknown
Placynthium tantaleum Runny Ink S3? Blue
Platismatia glauca Ragbag S5 Yellow
Platismatia herrei Tattered Rag S5 Yellow
Platismatia lacunosa Crinkled Rag S3S4 Yellow
Platismatia norvegica Oldgrowth Rag S4 Yellow
Platismatia stenophylla Ribboned Rag S4 Yellow
Polychidium contortum Maritime Woollybear S4 Yellow
Polychidium dendriscum Inland Woollybear S3 Blue
Polychidium muscicola Eyed Mossthorns S5 Yellow
Protopannaria pezizoides Bottlecaps S4 Yellow
Pseudephebe minuscula Coarser Rockwool S4 Yellow
Pseudephebe pubescens Finer Rockwool S5 Yellow
Pseudocyphellaria anomala Powder-ridge Specklebelly S3S4 Yellow
Pseudocyphellaria anthraspis Reticulate Specklebelly S3 Blue
Pseudocyphellaria crocata Flaming Specklebelly S3 Blue
Pseudocyphellaria perpetua Gilded Specklebelly S1 Red
Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis Oldgrowth Specklebelly S2S3 Blue
Psoroma hypnorum Moss Tarts S4 Yellow
Psoroma tenue var. boreale Tundra Tarts S2? Red
Punctelia perreticulata Galactic Speckleback S2 Red
Punctelia stictica Blue-shift Speckleback S2S3 Blue
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Racodium rupestre Familiar Rockhair SU Unknown
Ramalina dilacerata Punctured Ribbon S5 Yellow
Ramalina farinacea Hyphenated Ribbon S5 Yellow
Ramalina intermedia Rock Ribbon S3S4 Yellow
Ramalina menziesii Canopy Fishnet S3S4 Yellow
Ramalina obtusata Hooded Ribbon S4 Yellow
Ramalina pollinaria Flapjack Ribbon S3S4 Yellow
Ramalina roesleri Frayed Ribbon S4 Yellow
Ramalina sinensis Threadbare Ribbon S2S3 Blue
Ramalina subleptocarpha Continuous Ribbon S2S3 Blue
Ramalina thrausta Angelhair S5 Yellow
Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca Pink-eyed Rockbright S4 Yellow
Rhizoplaca melanophthalma Green-eyed Rockbright S4 Yellow
Rhizoplaca peltata Brown-eyed Rockbright S2S3 Blue
Santessoniella arctophila var. arctophylla Arctic Dust Bunnies S1 Red
Santessoniella saximontana Mountain Dust Bunnies S1 Red
Sclerophora peronella Frosted Glass-whiskers S1 Red
Seirophora contortuplicata Confused Firebush S1S2 Red
Siphula ceratites Arctic Fingerbones S3S4 Yellow
Solorina bispora Lesser Tundra Owl S2S3 Blue
Solorina crocea Chocolate Chip S5 Yellow
Solorina octospora Greater Tundra Owl S3 Blue
Solorina saccata Woodland Owl S3S4 Yellow
Solorina spongiosa Blinking Owl S2 Red
Sphaerophorus fragilis Cushion Coral S2S3 Blue
Sphaerophorus globosus Arctic Coral S2S3 Blue
Sphaerophorus tuckermanii Fragmenting Coral S5 Yellow
Sphaerophorus venerabilis Oldgrowth Coral S4 Yellow
Spilonema revertens Rock Hairball S4 Yellow
Spilonemella americana Twig Cinders S2 Red
Squamarina cartilaginea Pea-green Dimple S1 Red
Squamarina lentigera Snow-white Dimple S1S3 Red
Stereocaulon alpinum Alpine Foam S4 Yellow
Stereocaulon arenarium Arctic Foam S2 Red
Stereocaulon botryosum Cauliflower Foam S2 Red
Stereocaulon capitellatum Dissolving Foam S1 Red
Stereocaulon condensatum Granular Soil Foam S2 Red
Stereocaulon depressum Creeping Foam S1 Red
Stereocaulon glareosum Alpine Soil Foam S2S3 Blue
Stereocaulon grande Grand Foam S3S4 Yellow
Stereocaulon intermedium Pacific Brain Foam S4 Yellow
Stereocaulon paschale Cottontail Foam S4S5 Yellow
Stereocaulon pileatum Pixie Foam S1 Red
Stereocaulon rivulorum Snow Foam S4 Yellow
Stereocaulon spathuliferum Chalk Foam S3S4 Yellow
Stereocaulon symphycheilum Two-toned Foam S1S2 Red
Stereocaulon tomentosum Eyed Foam S5 Yellow
Stereocaulon vesuvianum Variegated Foam S4 Yellow
Sticta arctica Arctic Moon S1 Red
Sticta beauvoisii Fringed Moon S2S3 Blue
Sticta fuliginosa Peppered Moon S4 Yellow
Sticta limbata Silver-lined Moon S3S4 Yellow
Sticta oroborealis Lesser Green Moon S1 Red
Sticta wrightii Greater Green Moon S1 Red
Synalissa symphorea Eyed Rockgorgon S3 Blue
Thallinocarpon nigritellum Black Rocklicorice S3 Blue
Thamnolia vermicularis Universal Whiteworm S5 Yellow
Thermutis velutina Impossible Rockvelvet SU Unknown
Tholurna dissimilis Arboreal Bottle-collection S3S4 Yellow
Thyrea confusa Candied Gummybear S2S3 Blue
Tuckermannopsis americana Zip Van Wrinkle S5 Yellow
Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla Silver-lined Wrinkle S5 Yellow
Tuckermannopsis orbata Shape-shifting Wrinkle S5 Yellow
Tuckermannopsis platyphylla Crinkled Wrinkle S5 Yellow
Umbilicaria americana Frosted Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria angulata Starred Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria aprina Tentacled Rocktripe S3? Blue
Umbilicaria cinereorufescens Questionable Rocktripe S1? Red
Umbilicaria cylindrica Flirting Rocktripe S4S5 Yellow
Umbilicaria decussata Electric Rocktripe S3 Blue
Umbilicaria deusta Peppered Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria havaasii Concentric Rocktripe S3S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria hirsuta Granulating Rocktripe S1 Red
Umbilicaria hyperborea Blistered Rocktripe S5 Yellow
Umbilicaria krascheninnikovii Lesser Salted Rocktripe S3 Blue
Umbilicaria lambii Windward Rocktripe S3 Blue
Umbilicaria leiocarpa Textured Rocktripe S2S3 Blue
Umbilicaria lyngei Puckered Rocktripe S3 Blue
Umbilicaria muehlenbergii Plated Rocktripe S3S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria nylanderiana Ascerbic Rocktripe S2S3 Blue
Umbilicaria phaea Emery Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria polyphylla Petalled Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria polyrhiza Ballpoint Rocktripe S3S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria proboscidea Greater Salted Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria rigida Sandpaper Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria torrefacta Perforated Rocktripe S5 Yellow
Umbilicaria vellea Grizzled Rocktripe S3S4 Yellow
Umbilicaria virginis Blushing Rocktripe S4 Yellow
Usnea cavernosa Pitted Beard S2S3 Blue
Usnea ceratina Speckled Beard S2S3 Blue
Usnea chaetophora Articulated Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea cornuta Crab’s Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea diplotypus Untrimmed Beard SU Unknown
Usnea esperantiana Seaside Beard S1 Red
Usnea filipendula Herringbone Beard S4S5 Yellow
Usnea flavocardia Blood-splattered Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea fragilescens Inflationary Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea fulvoreagens Yellowing Beard SU Unknown
Usnea glabrata Lustrous Beard S3 Blue
Usnea glabrescens Spotted Beard S3 Blue
Usnea hesperina Western Beard S3 Blue
Usnea hirta Sugar-frosted Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea intermedia Exploding Beard S1S2 Red
Usnea lapponica Powder-ringed Beard S5 Yellow
Usnea longissima Methuselah’s Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea nidulans Nested Beard S2S3 Blue
Usnea pacificana Pacific Beard S3S4 Yellow
Usnea rubicunda Red Beard S2? Red
Usnea scabrata Scarecrow’s Beard S5 Yellow
Usnea silesiaca Neptune’s Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea subfloridana Nit Beard S4 Yellow
Usnea substerilis Embossed Beard S4S5 Yellow
Usnea trichodea Deadman’s Beard SX Red
Vahliella californica Sun Snaps S2 Red
Vahliella saubinetii Pink-eyed Snaps SU Unknown
Verrucaria kootenaica River Mosaic S2 Red
Vestergrenopsis elaeina Eyed Olivette S2S3 Blue
Vestergrenopsis isidiata Blind Olivette S4 Yellow
Vulpicida canadensis Brown-eyed Sunshine S5 Yellow
Vulpicida pinastri Gilded Sunshine S5 Yellow
Vulpicida tilesii Twisted Sunshine S4 Yellow
Xanthomendoza fallax Nested Sunburst S4 Yellow
Xanthomendoza fulva Skeptical Sunburst S4 Yellow
Xanthomendoza hasseana Radiant Sunburst S4 Yellow
Xanthomendoza mendozae Hooded Sunburst S3S4 Yellow
Xanthomendoza montana Small-footed Sunburst SU Unknown
Xanthomendoza oregana Thin-lipped Sunburst S1S2 Red
Xanthoparmelia angustiphylla Meagre Rockfrog SU Unknown
Xanthoparmelia coloradoensis Colorado Rockfrog SU Unknown
Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia Questionable Rockfrog SU Unknown
Xanthoparmelia mexicana Salted Rockfrog SU Unknown
Xanthoparmelia mougeotii Powdered Rockfrog S2S3 Blue
Xanthoparmelia plittii Plitt’s Rockfrog SU Unknown
Xanthoparmelia wyomingica Barely Hopping Rockfrog S4 Yellow
Xanthoria candelaria Shrublet Sunburst S5 Yellow
Xanthoria elegans Elegant Sunburst S5 Yellow
Xanthoria parietina Weedy Sunburst SNA Exotic
Xanthoria polycarpa Pincushion Sunburst S5 Yellow
Xanthoria sorediata Sugared Sunburst S4 Yellow
Zahlbrucknerella calcarea Frosted Rockserpent S1 Red
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