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Key Words

Lichen Genera: Leptogium

Lichen Topics: epiphytic lichens | lichens | lichen checklists | lichen ecology | new lichen reports | new lichen taxa | rare lichens

Plants: Astragalus | Douglasia | endemics | Eriogonum | new plant species | plants | plant phytogeography | Pyrrocoma | Sedum

Animals: people

Places: Wells Gray Park

Ecosystems: forest ecology | Inland Rainforests | Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone | vernal pools | waterfall spray zones | woody debris

Miscellaneous: conservation responsibility | people

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Björk, C.R. 2010. Additions to the lichen flora of Washington State, United States. I. Evansia 27: 18-20. [key words: lichens / new lichen reports] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. 2010. Distribution patterns of disjunct and endemic vascular plants in the interior wetbelt of northwest North America. Botany 88: 409-428. [key words: plants / endemics / Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone / plant phytogeography] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. 2010. Douglasia conservatorum (Primulaceae), a new species from Idaho and Montana, U.S.A. Novon 20: 9-12. [key words: plants / Douglasia / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. 2010. Sedum valens (Crassulaceae), a new species from the Salmon River Canyon of Idaho. Madroño 57: 136-140. [key words: plants / Sedum / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. and M. Darrach. 2009. An investigation of morphological evidence supports the resurrection of Pyrrocoma scaberula (Asteraceae: Astereae). Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 3: 231-238. [key words: plants / Pyrrocoma / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. and P. Dunwiddie. 2004. Floristics and distribution of vernal pools on the Columbia Plateau, eastern Washington. Rhodora 107: 327-347. [key words: plants / vernal pools] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C.R. and M. Fishbein. 2006. Astragalus asotinensis (Fabaceae), a newly discovered species from Washington and Idaho, United States. Novon 16: 299-303. [key words: plants / Astragalus / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Björk, C., T. Goward and T. Spribille. 2009. New records and range extensions of rare lichens from waterfalls and spray zones in inland British Columbia, Canada. Evansia 26: 219-224. [key words: lichens / lichen ecology / rare lichens / Wells Gray Park / new lichen reports] [abstract] [request pdf]

Bunnell, F.L., T. Goward, I. Houde and C. Björk. 2007. Larch seed trees sustain arboreal lichens and encourage recolonization of regenerating stands. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 22: 94-98. [key words: forest ecology / epiphytic lichens]

Bunnell, F.L., T. Spribille, I. Houde, T. Goward and C. Björk. 2008. Lichens on down wood in logged and unlogged forest stands. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 38: 1033-1041. [key words: woody debris / forest ecology / rare lichens] [abstract] [request pdf]

Goward, T. and C. Björk. 2009. Wilf Schofield: a waterfall tribute. Botanical Electronic News 2009. [key words: waterfall spray zones / lichens / lichen ecology / conservation responsibility / people / Wells Gray Park] [download pdf]

Goward, T. and C. Björk. 2010. (“Anonymous”). Status report on the Peacock Vinyl lichen, Leptogium polycarpum, in Canada. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. Submitted. (pending – ONLINE) [key words: lichens / rare lichens / Leptogium / conservation responsibility]

Goward, T. and C. Björk. 2010. Macrolichens of British Columbia: checklist and conservation ranks. Enlichened Consulting Ltd./British Columbia Conservation Data Centre. [key words: lichens / rare lichens / lichen checklists] [download pdf]

Goward, T. and C. Björk. 2011. Checklist of macrolichens and mesolichens of Wells Gray Park and vicinity, British Columbia. Enlichened Consulting Ltd. [key words: lichens / lichen checklists / Wells Gray Park] [download pdf]

Reveal, J.L. and C.R. Björk. 2004. Eriogonum soliceps (Polygonaceae: Eriogonoideae), a new species from east-central Idaho and southwestern Montana. Brittonia 56: 295-298. [key words: plants / Eriogonum / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Smith, J.F., D.N. Perkins, C.R. Björk and G. Glenne. 2010. Species boundaries in Pyrrocoma liatriformis and P. scaberula (Asteraceae) based on AFLP data. Madroño 57: 95-105. [key words: plants / Pyrrocoma / new plant species] [abstract] [request pdf]

Sparrius, L.B. and C.R. Björk. 2008. Enterographa oregonensis, a new foliicolous species from the northwest coast of North America. The Bryologist 111: 487-489. [key words: lichens / new lichen taxa] [abstract] [request pdf]

Spribille, T. and C.R. Björk. 2008. New records and range extensions in the North American lignicolous lichen flora. Mycotaxon 105: 455-468. [key words: lichens / new lichen reports] [abstract] [request pdf]

Spribille, T., C.R. Björk, S. Ekman, J.A. Elix, T. Goward, C. Printzen, T. Tønsberg and T. Wheeler. 2009. Contributions to an epiphytic lichen flora of northwest North America: I. Eight new species from British Columbia’s inland rainforests. The Bryologist 112: 109-137. [key words: lichens / lichen checklists / Inland Rainforests / Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone / conservation responsibility / new lichen taxa] [abstract] [request pdf]

Spribille, T., G. Thor, T. Goward and C. Björk. 2008. Lichens on dead wood: species-substrate relationships in the epiphyte lichen floras of the Pacific Northwest and Fennoscandia. Ecography 31: 741-750. [key words: lichen ecology / forest ecology / woody debris / conservation responsibility / lichens] [abstract] [request pdf]